Tradition - Precision - Passion

British Classic Cars was founded in 2017 from the oldtimer department of British Premium-Cars AG as an independent company. The Weingartner family had decided to establish a centre of expertise for classic cars after the official Jaguar and Land Rover agency had been handed over.

This idea was realised in autumn 2017. Soon the expansion of the existing space was on the agenda. At the Hasentalstrasse 3, in the new commercial building of the company Wyss, an approx. 800 sqm large event location could be rented. Our event and showroom as well as the vehicle storage hall were built here.

Picture: Founding team (from left to right: Chris and Clemens Weingartner, Martin Schweizer, Vincent Weingartner)


Vision and Strategy

Our basic idea when the company was founded was to continue the three guiding principles - tradition, precision and passion.

In 5 years (or earlier), British Classic Cars shall become the leading supplier for british Oldtimers in Central Switzerland.

In our workshop we maintain, service and repair our customers' classics as if they were our own. We work to high quality standards and with great attention to detail.

The familiar atmosphere, our 100% honesty and the assured quality create trust for long-term customer relationships.

Our company is NEVER profit-oriented, but works with pleasure on everything we offer. The knowledge that we would not exist without our customers stands in the foreground..

Picture: Jaguar E-Type Series I - on our trailer


We love

  • our british classic cars
  • smell of oil and petrol
  • petrol engines and their sound

Clemens, Vincent, Chris & Tanya Weingartner